This recipe is inspired by one of my son Tom’s favourite restaurants in Glasgow where they do Italian Tapas. I haven’t had it yet but all they go on about is how good the Italian sausage scotch eggs is. A scotch egg is a boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat. This is my attempt at recreating it. To it healthier I bake mine in the oven. For a more indulgent version you can deep fry them.

In this version I use Italian frozen herbs, a pinch of paprika and some caramelised balsamic onions to create an Italian twist to the British classic. If you aren’t familiar with what a scotch egg is check out my original scotch eggs post.  The Italian Tapas restaurant version is served lightly garlic mayonnaise.

Its not worth going to the whole effort of making balsamic onions just for this recipe, but its definitely worth saving some when making my caramelised onion and cheese tartlets. Both of these dishes make great party or picnic food.

Scotch Egg Bento

I took one of my Scotch eggs into work as a Bento. In Germany not many people know what a Scotch egg is and they are all fascinated by it.  I served the egg with homemade German style potato salad and coleslaw. For some other great lunch ideas check out my Bento Box page.


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