This Plum and Walnut Cake is inspired by Nicola’s great Belgium Apple Cake. It is the height of plum season and I was tempted by a 2kg box of plums for 2.50 Euros. This is great recipe to use approximately 12 of them. In this version I combine a small sponge base with some cinnamon, top with sliced plums and the best bit the nut topping. I have used walnuts, but you could use slivered almonds instead if you prefer.

In Germany fruit topped cakes with a small sponge base are one of the specialities. You get different fruit with the changing harvests. The amounts shown here make 9 small slices or six large. If you want to make a whole large baking tray simply double the ingredients.

More plum recipes will be coming soon. For a healthy breakfast idea check out my plum crumble breakfast.

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