This is a healthier version of the British Scotch Egg. Surprisingly the Scotch Egg isn’t thought to come from Scotland. The word Scotch can mean to wedge something somewhere. So this relates to putting egg inside the sausage meat. The Scotch egg became really popular after it appeared in the posh London Store Fortnum and Mason, in the 1700’s. Today they are a picnic favourite. Most supermarkets sell mini scotch eggs with the egg mixed with bacon and mayonnaise.

Normally a Scotch egg is deep fried in this version I bake it in the oven which makes healthier and also less smelly. In the UK you can use plain sausage meat, the sort you would usually use for making stuffing. In Germany the closest equivalent is the Bratwurst. You can season it with your favourite herbs fresh or dried. In Germany you can buy already boiled eggs which are painted so you can tell the difference. I would recommend that you don’t use these, they are from battery hens and will definitely be very hard boiled. Making your own boiled eggs should be far fresher and tastier.

I’ve brought into work a few times and most of my German colleagues are fascinated by it. Its great served cold with salad and potato salad.

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