gorgonzola and pear quiches 5These Gorgonzola and pear quiches are my summer time lunch favourite. I have been meaning to post them for a while, everyone who likes blue cheese has loved them. They make great picnic food, they taste better cold and are great finger food. I like my quiche’s with some added crunch from some pecan nuts and some spring onions. Whats great about this recipe is the filling doesn’t need any pre cooking, just chop mix and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes. To make the pastry extra tasty buy some all butter puff pastry and sprinkle  some chopped rosemary to the pastry before rolling (you can use other herbs if they are your favourite.

Make sure to find a strong tasting Gorgonzola if its too mild you might be disappointed with the flavour.

I hope you will love these Gorgonzola and pear quiches too. For some over party or picnic ideas you could try my Italian tapas scotch eggs or Caramelised Onion and Cheese Tartlets.

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