Pecan and Cherry Cookies 3These pecan and cherry cookies are vegan and low GI. I have made them with sucolin which is a sugar replacement to make them diabetic friendly. The cookies are soft in texture due to the sugar replacement. I used spelt flour which is lower GI than white flour. If you aren’t watching your GI you can replace the quantities with light brown sugar which will give the biscuits more of a crunch. I have used a dark chocolate which is lower in sugar. If you really have to watch every bit of sugar you could use cocoa nibs instead.  For the cherries I used defrosted morello cherries. Instead of butter I have used ground pecan nuts and some coconut oil. If you can’t find pecan nuts ground walnuts would also be a great alternative.

I hope you will like my pecan and cherry cookies. For some other Low GI recipes and some tips check out my low GI page.


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