This Pasta Salad recipe was given to me by my good neighbours Sabina and Michael. It is a true German classic. If you go to any German BBQ you are sure to find a variation of this recipe. You are asking how can a pasta salad be German well that is because it contains sausage salad. If you can’t find sausage salad a British alternative would be to use sliced Spam or luncheon meat in a good  quality mayonnaise. Make sure you add a lot of white pepper its what Sabina does and it tastes great.

Michael and Sabine say that the only critical ingredient that’s the right choice of pasta: After centuries of experience they recommend  to use: „Oberschwäbische Land-Nudeln / Wellenspätzle“ made by Dorfmühle.

(Can be purchased online at or If you can’t find this one try and find a good quality ribbon pasta.

The pasta salad should be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge until you are ready to serve it.

Other variations I have seen have included boiled eggs and chopped green beans.

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