Mustard SoupThis is a German classic mustard soup from the area around Monshau. Monshau is in Germany but is very close to the Belgium and Dutch borders. it’s a very pretty village and is well worth a visit. This version is from my friend Heiko. Heiko kindly invited us around for a Christmas get together and this was one of things we made. The mustard soup uses a combination of mustards, mustard seeds and leeks for its main flavour. German mustards are very different from the classic British Colman’s mustard which is very hot. This soup uses a sweet mustard, very popular in Bavaria, a German hot mustard mustard and milder mustard. If you try and replicate it in the UK you could try with some wholegrain mustard and some Dijon mustard for a similar flavour and a small amount of Colmans if you want some extra heat. You should also add a tablespoon or 2 of brown sugar to add in some of the sweetness. Heiko made his own stock, for a cheats version you could use a vegetable stock pot instead, it obviously wouldn’t taste as good but could be ready in 20 minutes.

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