I originally thought that Banoffee pie was American, but when my American friend Amanda said she hadn’t heard of it I did some research. It was invented in the UK by a restaurant called the Hungry Monk from East Sussex in 1971. The original version was made by boiling a tin of condensed milk for 1 hour in a water bath, until it turned into caramel. A number of people in the past have forgotten to check the water level in the pot and have had an exploding tin in their ceiling. The British version of condensed milk is different from the German version, so it can’t be made in quite the same way.

In the UK Nestle now sell an already made tin of caramel, see my pictures. In Germany I haven’t managed to find this version but they do sell smaller bottles of caramel sauce. This version  of Banoffee Pie Pots has been developed to use one of these small bottles. This has the advantage of making a smaller size dessert or one that can be easily scaled up or down. You simply combine a biscuit base, pecan nuts, banana, caramel sauce cream and a bit of chocolate. I made one for my friend Fraya who liked it so much that she took one round to her new boyfriend’s parents. They were so impressed they asked for recipe, she was too embarrassed to tell them as it was so easy.

The last picture in the gallery shows what a full size pie looks like. I made this using a tin of caramel (400g ) from England and 350g of biscuits from the Netherlands. It was a big hit at our BBQ with the neighbours.

Banoffee Pie is gradually growing in popularity around the world. I hope you enjoy this easy version. You can also check out my healthier Banoffee Porridge

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