When I started this website I asked my boys what their favourite recipe of mine was they said my chicken pie. This version would more correctly be called a Chicken pot pie. A pot pie is a pie filling topped with pastry rather than a completely enclosed pie. To make this I cheat and use some ready bought puff pastry. Even professional chefs don’t make their own puff pastry so don’t feel too guilty about this.

In my version of chicken pie I add some bacon, leeks, mushrooms and peas with some creme fraiche and mustard to make a pie that will serve 4 to 6 people. The extra ingredients definitely add to the taste. You can cook the pie in a pie dish, small tin or if your are after something that looks fancy in individual ramekins. You can now buy mini Le Crueset dishes which make great looking pot pies. Even if you bake the pie in a smaller dish it will take roughly the same amount of time to cook as the key thing is to cook the pastry.

The pie takes a long time to make as you have to let the filling cool down before filling the pie dish. A cool filling ensures that the pastry does not melt before it goes in the oven. The filling can even be made a day ahead of time and finished off the next day.

You will probably have a little left over pastry this can easily be made into some jam tarts. Jam tarts are simply some pastry cut into a round and filled with a little jam, don’t fill them completely as the jam expands in the heat of the oven. They need to be cooked in a mini tart tin and will take about 20 minutes to cook.

We serve our Chicken Pie  with mash potato and some gravy.


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