If like me you have eaten too many Zombies for Halloween try this goats cheese and butternut squash salad. The easiest way I have found to cook butternut squash is to roast in the oven. There is no need to peel it,  simply slice add some olive oil and some seasoning and away you go. For four people you will only need about half the squash. Roast the whole one and then save the leftovers for use in another dish. I’m planning to use mine in a chicken chilli, if it tastes good I will post that too.

This goats cheese and butternut squash salad was inspired by a recent trip to Berlin with my Aunty Teresa,  Uncle Kurt and Cousin Amy. We had a great salad at Dean and David if you get a chance to have a lunch at one of their stores check it out. Currently they are mainly in Germany but as there concept is great I’m sure they will expand soon.

If you don’t like goats cheese you could use camembert, brie or any other cheese you can bake instead.

In Germany you own tend to get food when it is really in season. This means it is usually local, fresh and good value. It also means that you really appreciate the seasons and the produce when it is at its best. To go with my butternut squash I served this salad with some homemade cranberry sauce as cranberries are also currently in season.

I hope you give this a go, let me know how you get on.


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