If you are after something to bake for Halloween why not try my Zombie Bread men. I love Gingerbread and its not quite time for the traditional houses. This recipe is based on a traditional gingerbread but given a Halloween twist by the shape of the men and by adding some strawberry laces to represent guts.

I made a template for my Zombie Bread men. As I’m not an excellent artist I did this in powerpoint by using different shapes until I ended up with a rough shape that worked. To make it easier to cut out I made it quite large. This means it will probably be too big to eat in one go but that adds to the Zombie effect.

Transfer the template to a piece of cardboard. I covered the cardboard with some greaseproof paper, which I stuck on with a little glue, as this stops it from going to soggy from the gingerbread. See my rough template below. If you are going to make your own, ensure that the arms and legs are not too small as this will help the Zombie bread men to stand up.

Zombie bread men template

For decoration I cut  a hole in the tummy and one for the mouth. These could either be left empty or if you want you can fill them with crushed boiled sweets. The sweets melt in the oven and give a coloured glass effect.

fill zombies with crushed sweets

The eyes and bandages were made with white fondant icing. I dyed the white fondant grey with a little black food colouring to add to the effect. Finish with some strawberry laces for eyeballs and the guts.

As a simpler and smaller alternative to Zombies you can make Gingerbread Skeletons. Use a shop bought cutter and cook and cool as per the Zombies. I had a Gingerbread man cutter and a teddy bear one. Once they are cool decorate with the Fondant icing and draw on a face with some a tube of  chocolate icing or with watered down food colouring.

Gingerbread skeletons

For the teddy bear skulls. Roll out the fondant icing thinly and then use the original cutter to cut out the heads. When adding the fondant to the icing leave the skull to last as this gives a better finish.

cutting teddy headsskeleton teddies

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