It was my son Jamie’s 18th birthday last week and a Victoria Sandwich Cake was his cake of choice. It is probably one of the most famous British cakes. The cake is named after Queen Victoria as apparently she liked a sponge cake for afternoon tea. The traditional version is two cakes sandwiched together with either strawberry or raspberry jam with either butter icing or whipped cream.

If you are new to baking or using a new oven you might want to start with mini or cupcakes first, they are a lot easier to get the baking time right. Check out my mini lemon drizzle cakes recipe  for a variation of this recipe. Have a read of my cake cake baking tips. Measure the ingredients carefully the Women’s Institute use a Victoria Sandwich as one of the cakes to test the skill of the baker.

In Germany they don’t sell self raising flour in a normal supermarkets. They do sell it in Hanaro Markt my favourite Japanese supermarket in Dusseldorf. If you can’t find it I explain how to make it on the cake baking tips page.

Science says that for a perfect cake you need equal quantities of sugar and fat and this recipe has it at its core. You weigh the eggs and then use that weight as a guide for the other ingredients. To fill two 6 inch, 20cm tins you will need a weight of 250g or a little bit more. Whatever you do use butter, not margarine it really delivers the best taste. I was delighted to find out that butter isn’t as bad as we all thought it was. To celebrate make these cakes.



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