This is an easy recipe for Italian Meatballs Pasta. The recipe was inspired by one of Tom’s student cook books. I have added a few extra ingredients to make a tastier version. In the UK it is much more common to get heavily flavoured sausages. In Germany there is more meat in the sausages but they tend to be only lightly flavoured. I use plain Bratwurst and give them some Italian flavouring by adding balsamic onions, Italian frozen herbs and paprika. Its not worth going to the whole effort of making balsamic onions just for this recipe, but its definitely worth saving some when making my caramelised onion and cheese tartlets.

You can serve this dish with spaghetti or as a healthier alternative Courgettini. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy this Italian Meatballs pasta recipe, let me know what you think of it.

Any leftover meatballs can be served like a subway meatballs sub. Or alternatively add them to a homemade pizza or a liven up a plain shop bought pizza.

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