We really like Dominos meatball pizzas. This is a homemade probably healthier and definitely cheaper version. My Italian meatballs and BBQ pizza combines a homemade pizza dough with normal sausages given an Italian twist with herbs,  paprika and caramelised onions. Its not worth going to the whole effort of making balsamic onions just for this recipe, but its definitely worth saving some when making my caramelised onion and cheese tartlets.  You can make some extra onions and freeze them for use in this recipe or my Italian Tapas Scotch Eggs. If you  haven’t been able to make the onions ahead of time you can replace them with 1 teaspoon of dried onion powder and some minced garlic if you would like.

We like a BBQ flavoured tomato sauce. This can easily be achieved by adding some BBQ sauce to some passata. You can either use some shop bought BBQ sauce or for something extra special use some homemade BBQ Sauce, Simon has drunk all the Jack Daniels so my current flavour is Captain Morgan’s BBQ sauce which also tastes great.

The hardest thing to achieve in a homemade pizza is a crispy base. Put you oven on the hottest setting and try and use a preheated pizza stone. As an alternative they also sell now pizza trays with holes in the bottom to let some heat through which can also help.

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