I have developed this Meaty Cornish Pasty recipe over several attempts. It combines an enriched pastry with a cooked rump steak beef filling which really delivers on flavour.

The pastry recipe is adapted from a Hairy Biker Recipe. They make an all butter version and say that it makes 6 pasties. I have used a little bit of lard to make it closer to the traditional versions and think that it is safer to use the pastry to make 4 pasties. One of the key requirements of a pasty is that it can be held in your hand and this recipe should help you do to that.

A traditional pasty filling uses sliced raw beef, onions, potatoes and swede/turnips and cooks them for 50 minutes. To make it a little bit special I use rump steak.  Swede is really hard to get hold of off at this time of year so I have substituted carrots instead. They are heavily seasoned with white pepper.

History of the Pasty

Cornish Pasties were originally created for miners so that they could take them down the mine. They would eat them by holding the pastry edge and then throw the edge away as their hands where very dirty. Some of the wives would make a half sweet half savoury version.

Cornish Pasties have been a traditional fast food in the UK for many years. With Ginsters being the most well known brand. Any commercial company must make their pasties in Cornwall to use the “Cornish Pasty” name. Recently a  number of premium fast food establishments have opened up in the UK. I recently went to a food festival in Duesseldorf and there was a pasty stand there, so the fame of this excellent dish is spreading.

There is now a World Championship for the Cornish Pasty. Follow the link if you would like to be inspired by some of the more innovative flavour combinations and to get a bit more history behind the great pasty.

World Cornish Pasty Competition

Hope you enjoy eating and making this version.


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