This is a version of the British Classic Cottage Pie. It is my son Jamie’s second favourite dish. Mince beef with Mash Potato baked in the other so you a crispy top. Every British person will have their own version of this. This one uses ingredients you can find in Germany.

Us Brits definitely love a pie. This type of pie is topped with mash potato. The other one you might have heard of is a shepherds pie. The difference is that a Cottage Pie is made with mince beef and a Shepherds Pie is made with mince lamb. Fresh mince lamb is hard to come by in Germany unless you go to the Butcher so this tends to be the version that I make. The dishes have been called by these names since the 1800’s. Back then mash potato was used on the top and bottom of the pie to make it a more filling budget dish, any left meat was used.

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