This is a classic Flammkuchen recipe. Flammkuchen is the German/ French  equivalent of a pizza, on a thin base with creme fraiche instead of tomato sauce. For the classic flavour combination use katenschinken (pancetta/ cubed bacon), leeks, onions and we add cheese as well.

Flammkuchen comes from the Alsace region which has been battled over between Germany and France for many years. In French the dish is called Tarte Flambee. Since I have been living in Germany it has grown in popularity in the Northern Rhine area and most pubs will have the classic version.  It can be served with a variety of toppings.  Just like with pizza it is hard to get the base crispy, cook in the hottest temperature your oven will go and on a pizza stone if you have one. We share this between 4. If you are extra hungry you might want 1 each.

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