I love vegetable samosas but it can be a bit tricky making your own samosa pastry. Traditional samosas are also deep fired which means your house will end up smelling like a chip shop. In Germany it is difficult to find ready made wrappers and even if you can you have to deep fry the samosas. This recipe for vegetable samosa pasties combines the great filling from a traditional samosa with shop bought all butter puff pastry. I make a large batch of the samosa filling and freeze some of it for later use. Simply defrost it before using. This recipe creates a great part canape and they are great served with some Raita or red pepper and coconut dip or with mango chutney.

You can use whatever root vegetables you have available. The key to  good vegetable samosa pasties is to use plenty of spices. There are a lot of ingredients but it helps to create a depth of flavour. To make the pastry extra special you can sprinkle chopped parsley or if you like coriander on the pastry before rolling. The filling for this  recipe is inspired by the great book ” Cooking with my Indian Mother in Law ” by Simon Daley.and Roshan Hirani. I have made the quantities larger, as the mixture is easy to freeze, have added some of more variety in my veggies and simplified some of the spices. I hope you will give these a try.

Serve the vegetable samosa pasties with some simple dips and some salad. My favourites are raita and red pepper and coconut dip.

vegetable samosa bentoHope you like my Samosa Bento Box. I included a few wasabi peas for extra heat and crunch and my favourite after an Indian nibbles of sugar coated fennel seeds (you should be able to find these in any good Indian Supermarket). For some other Bento box ideas check out my Bento page.


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