I love a good strong Blue Cheese and I love cheese cake. So this Blue Cheese and Walnut Cheesecake recipe makes a great party canape or can be used as part of a light lunch. It is a great alternative to the traditional quiche. The base is made from a savoury walnut and almond shortbread. I used a rye flour for an added nutty flavour. If you are gluten intolerant you could use buckwheat flour as an alternative. The biscuit base is baked first to ensure it is nice and crumbly. I used a tin from Lakeland where you can push the cakes out from the bottom. If you haven’t got one of these tins you could make a larger savoury cheese cake you would need to do the second bake for a bit longer. For the second bake cook the cheese, leek, pear and creamy topping.

Use your favourite blue cheese. In Germany it is hard to get hold of Stilton so I have used Gorgonzola as an alternative. For some added interest I included some cooked leeks and some diced pear. Hope you will give these a try.

Blue Cheese and Walnut cheese cake bentoI had these for lunch in a Blue Cheese and Walnut Cheesecake Bento. With some green salad, salsa, olives, tomatoes and some cranberry sauce. For some other lunch ideas check out my Bento page.


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