vegan nut cookies 2I have a few friends who are vegan and I wanted to come up with a tasty cookie without too many specialist ingredients. This vegan nut cookies recipe was my first attempt and they are delicious. Simon, my non vegan husband, gave them a 9 out of 10 before he knew they were vegan. They have lots of favourite ingredients in them peanuts, pecan nuts, coconut and cranberries. For extra indulgence for the non vegans I added some normal white chocolate and for my vegan friends I used  some cocoa nibs.  Vegan chocolate is available from most health food shops choose your favourite flavour. If you can’t find pecan nuts you could use almonds or walnuts instead.

To replace the eggs in a normal cookie I have used ground linseeds and some water. The peanuts and coconut oil have been used to replace butter. Be warned this recipe creates a lot of washing up but it was worth it. The vegan nut cookies have a great nutty and crunchy taste and will keep for a few days.

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