This is a German Style Rhubarb and Custard Cake.  The traditional German version would be a Rhabarber schmand kuchen. The German’s are definitely more creative than us British when it comes to using Rhubarb and this is just one of the examples of cake that they use it in. My friend Marijana brought one in from her local farm shop for her Birthday Celebrations. This is a fusion German/British cake as I have made the topping closer to the British classic custard or Creme Anglaise.  It has taken a few attempts but this is a good one and can be made with out specialised German ingredients.

Most German cakes are very different in style from British ones. They tend to use a yeast dough as the base and then top with in season fruit. The advantage of using a dough base is that you avoid getting a “soggy bottom”. You have to be patient to make this cake, but it does taste good. This one uses a custard made from scratch with Schmand. Schmand is a very popular German Cake ingredient it is a type of sour cream. If you can’t find schmand you can use double cream or sour cream instead in this recipe.

This is a great recipe for 3 left over egg yolks. If you are making this one first the left over egg whites can be used in my pavlova recipe, just store in the fridge in a container covered with cling film. If you have a little left over Rhubarb make my Rhubarb Crumble Breakfast.

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