This is a simple recipe for a Goan Prawn Curry. I learnt how to make a similar one on a Indian cooking course. One of things I really miss living in Germany is being able to go out for a good curry. So since I have been living here I have learnt to make a few. This one only takes about 20 minutes to make and is great served with poppadoms and rice.

A Goan curry traditionally has coconut milk and tamarind paste. This helps give it a tasty sweet and sour taste. Fresh coriander is essential for this recipe, don’t try and use powder or seeds as an alternative as it won’t deliver the flavour.

If you don’t like prawns you could use white fish as well or even make a vegetarian version my using a tin of chick peas instead. Jamie isn’t a prawn fan he had his curry with left over chicken last time.

In Duesseldorf the best place I have found to buy coriander is in Fresh Asia on Frederich Ebert Strasse, near the Ost Strasse tram stop and only 5 minutes walk from the main station. Fresh Asia and Hanaro Markt next door are a great inspiration for all of my Asian cooking.

I’ll hope you’ll enjoy this Goan Prawn curry. If you try the sauce with some other alternatives let me know if you have some good results.

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