This recipe is a healthier alternative to traditional pancakes. It uses Buckwheat flour to produce Gluten free blueberry pancakes and even better it has a low Glycemic Index meaning it releases its carbohydrates slowly making it friendlier for diabetics. I didn’t know much about buckwheat apart from it was gluten free before I made these. The bag of flour had been stuck in the back of the cupboard for a few weeks, bought as an impulse buy from the health food shop. I will be using it again. It has quite a strong almost nutty taste. I used cinnamon and vanilla in this mix so that it was too overpowering and some artificial sweetener. The batter was much thicker than when using conventional flour which made the mixture easier to handle. The first time we made them we served them with fruit and maple syrup. To cut down on the sugar second time around I made a fruit puree from strawberries and added more strawberries, raspberries and a handful of blueberries with a drizzle of Agave syrup.

Buckwheat isn’t really a cereal, but is related to sorrel and one of my favourites Rhubarb! Some of its health benefits include:

  • high in both soluble and insoluble fibre which helps lower cholesterol and reduce blood sugar levels
  • contains antioxidant quercetin, thought to have anti inflammatory and anti allergic properties
  • contains rutin, which improves circulation
  • contains slow release carbohydrates that help maintain blood sugar levels

I made these pancakes as something for the family which looks very naughty, but is actually pretty healthy as long as you don’t smother it in too much maple syrup! On the taste side the boys would have preferred the traditional white pancakes. They did eat them all and would have them again once they found out how much better for you they are. They did give that full up feeling without any of the sugar rush you would normally get from having a pancake brunch. Give them a try.


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