We are now coming to the end of Rhubarb season and the local green grocer is selling it for 1 Euro a kilo. This is a great way to get the most out of the end of season Rhubarb. As you probably have noticed I love Rhubarb. It is really popular in Germany and can be bought all year round as a fruit juice. It makes a refreshing drink when combined with sparkling water. This is a simple Rhubarb Cordial recipe that combines sugar, lemon juice and a bit of water to make a lovely cordial / sirop recipe. You do need some patience but it is definitely worth waiting for. The cordial will keep for 2 weeks if stored in a sterilised bottle in the fridge.

Serve with sparkling water and some fresh strawberries, its very concentrated so you need a ratio of about 1 part cordial to 10 to 12 parts fizzy water. We experimented adding it to prosecco, but the prosecco took the colour out if the drink and over powered the Rhubarb, the simple way with water is definitely the best. It was the most popular drink at our recent get together.

Be careful what you put the cooked Rhubarb in. It contains Oxalic acid that can discolour some metals, it changed the colour of my sieve! Also you should avoid eating cooked Rhubarb or spinach if you have kidney issues.


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