If you have ever been on holiday to the seaside in the UK you must have had a British Cream Tea. A Cream tea is Scones served with Jam and Clotted Cream and of course accompanied with a lovely cup of Tea with Milk. They are most popular in Devon and Cornwall and there is a big debate as to which county makes the best one. In a Devonshire cream tea the scones are split in half, then you put on the clotted cream and them top with the strawberry jam. In a Cornish Cream Tea its scones, jam and then cream.

Clotted cream is one of the things that all of us Brits miss about living in Germany there is nothing that comes close to it. It has a very high fat content and doesn’t last long. Cornish Clotted Cream has now got protected status. Here you will have to serve the scones with whipped cream instead. As whipped cream is much lighter, its going to be a Cornish inspired cream tea.

I have tried several different recipes some with eggs and some with normal milk this one produced  the best results. These classic scones are made with butter milk and chilled butter. I tried to cheat on the method by making it easier it doesn’t work. If you want a simpler to make scone try my German inspired quark scones they don’t look as pretty but taste just as good and only have 5 minutes preparation time.

It’s German strawberry time at the moment and its a great year for them. Follow the link to my easy Strawberry Jam with Pimms recipe. Its only boiled for 5 to 7 minutes so is quick to make will last for about a month from opening in the fridge.

Any one that knows us Beashel’s knows that a cup of tea is our preferred drink. This is one of the best things to serve with. Give this easy recipe a try. They are best served still warm from the oven. The recipe can easily be doubled if you would like more.

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