You will find mini Dutch pancakes at every town market in the Netherlands. There is always a big queue to buy them. In Germany, in the area I live in  you will often find them as well. Their original name is Poffertjes. They are usually served simply with a little butter and a dusting of icing sugar. The traditional way to cook them is in a special pan which has special dimples (holes) to pour the batter into them. I have been wanting to make them for ages and have managed to find a reasonably price pan. It is possible to cook them without the special pan my measuring out small amounts of batter but it is definitely a lot easier with one. You can obviously use the pan for the more savoury blinis as well. The easiest way to measure out the batter is to use.

grease pan

measure out batter


Traditional Dutch pancakes are made with half white and half buckwheat flour. Buckwheat flour has a strong taste that not everyone likes. For a more neutral taste you could use  white flour,  wholegrain or spelt flour.

Unlike their American cousins Dutch pancakes use yeast to make the batter rise. This means you need to be a little while before you can cook them. This just adds to the anticipation. The batter is very similar to a blini batter as it uses have white flour and half buckwheat flour. The main difference is the inclusion of 2 tablespoons of syrup. In Dutch syrup is called stroop and they have lots of different types. In Germany you can use Zuckerruebensirop, which is a syrup made from sugar beet. In the UK I would use 1 tablespoon of treacle and 1 tablespoon of golden syrup which will give you something close to the original Dutch version in terms of colour and taste.

Most Nationalities seem to have their own version of a pancake. I am trying to cook  most of them. If you are also after some great pancake inspiration check out my pancake page. If you have any great recipes you can also post them too.

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