salmon and cream cheese pancakes 3Haven’t got any bread in the house? You could make a pancake instead.  This is a really simple recipe for a savoury salmon and cream cheese pancakes. These are great for a light lunch or as part of a luxurious Brunch. I have a Japanese egg pan which is rectangular in shape it makes it easy to make a rectangular pancake. If you haven’t got one of these you can use a small frying instead.

The key thing to remember when making a British style pancake is to mix the liquid in gently and leave it to rest for 20 minutes before making them. These have slightly different quantities of milk to flour when compared to the usual British pancakes which makes a slightly thicker batter and makes them more robust to cope with the fillings.

These pancakes could be filled with almost any filling you like. If you fancy a sweet filling add some vanilla extract to the pancake mix and some cinnamon if you like it.

The salmon and cream cheese pancakes are great served with a simple cucumber salad. I added chives to my pancake batter but you could use parsley of fennel instead if those are your favourites with fish.

You can find some other pancake recipes on my Pancakes page.

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