This is a chocolate fondant recipe that I learnt how to do a team building cooking event at the Frank Petzchen Cooking School in Dusseldorf. We all had a great time at the event, I was on the main course but managed to sneak a peek at how to do the chocolate fondant. I have changed the instructions slightly to include some of the tips I have picked up over the years. The biggest change is that this recipe is in English.

I am a big fan of  the television programme Masterchef and chocolate fondant is the recipe that most of the contestants really fail on. Their attempts are either too soft and collapse or are over cooked and end up like cake. I tried this method at home and was able to replicate the great results from the cooking school.

The good thing about this method is that it doesn’t use any special cooking container, but just some simple ramekin dishes. You don’t need to chill the mixture either. To make it easier to turn the chocolate fondants out brush melted butter around the ramekins and then sprinkle a little fine white sugar around the dish.

line ramekins

The key thing is to cook the fondant for the right length of time. Cook the fondants when you are ready to eat them. If you leave them in the dishes they are likely to continue to cook. Take the chocolate fondants out of the over before the top is fully set. If you look in the picture below you can see an area in the fondant that is still a bit sunken this is what you are aiming for.

cooked fondants

Turn them out on to a plate to serve. If they have stuck you may need to loosen the edge with a knife, I didn’t have to do this. They are great served with cream or ice cream. The original recipe made them with 70% dark chocolate. This gives a very rich chocolate taste. If you want something slightly sweeter you could try them with 60% chocolate instead.

chocolate fondant

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