My triple ginger cake is my Christmas favourite cake. Ginger cake has always been one of my favourites, a small ginger cake bought from the supermarket was a great Sunday afternoon treat. This triple ginger cake is tastes even better and unlike most cakes the taste improves over a few days, if you have some left over.

The triple ginger comes from ginger powder, crystallised ginger and ginger ale. The cake is dark in colour from the brown sugar and syrup that it uses. You end up with a moist spicy cake that any ginger lover will enjoy. Even if you aren’t a great ginger lover give it a try, it might convert you. If you are using the UK classic Golden syrup use a dark soft brown sugar, if you are using the Zuckerueben syrup which is really dark use a light brown sugar. If you haven’t got any self raising flour check out my cake baking tips page on how to make some.

This cake can be made in a large round cake tin or in a mould if you have one. For Christmas I have bodum christmas tree mould, it takes a little longer to cook in this, than it would in a tin but creates an impressive result, for me it took 40 minutes to cook.

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