carrot and feta kofta 3This is a tasty, healthy recipe for Carrot and Feta Kofta’s. I wanted a light lunch and an alternative to falafel and this is what I came up. They are also a great way to use up a lot of carrots. As well as carrots and feta the kofta also contain dates, you could also use raisins, cranberries or dried apricots instead. I have added some walnuts they add a good crunch. I seasoned my kofta with parsley, harissa paste, nutmeg and pepper. Start off by adding a little harissa paste check the heat level and then add a little bit more if required. You don’t need to add any salt as the feta is normally very salty.

You will need some patience to make these tasty Carrot and Feta Kofta, but they are worth the wait. You need to leave the mixture to cool for at least one hour in the fridge before you can shape them and cook them. They got a big thumbs up from Tom. Great served with a simple mint, cucumber and yoghurt dip.

The recipe makes about 20 kofta which serve about 4 people.

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