This Beetroot and Apple Soup is great light lunch full of antioxidants. Beetroot is a true super food it helps lower blood pressure, is anti diabetic and helps with athletes stamina. When my running training wasn’t going to well I ate beetroot instead. This was one of the dishes I made along with Nigel Slater’s Chocolate and Beetroot Cake . I liked the cake and so did most people until they found out what was in it. Beetroot is really popular in Germany and you will find Beetroot juice available in most supermarkets. I think this soup is a tasty way to get the benefits. If you eat or drink a lot of Beetroot you get pink wee, but that soon goes away.

Here’s the link to Nigel’s cake recipe. Just don’t tell anyone what’s really in it. I would cheat and use pre-cooked beetroot as it makes it a lot easier and a lot less messy.

Nigel Slaters’s Chocolate and Poppy seed Cake

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