Spanish Omelette is a great Tapas dish. You can serve it hot or cold.  As the weather here as been tropical reaching 39 degrees C on Saturday I haven’t been do a lot of hot meals, this is a great one to serve cold. I like to eat my omelette with salsa and a few olives. In this easy version you don’t risk burning the omelette on the bottom of the pan and it also a bit quicker than a more traditional version. To make it a little bit tastier I add some Spanish Chorizo. If you are going to do an all veggie version add a bit more seasoning and you can add some sliced red pepper as well just before adding the potatoes.

You need to slice the potatoes very thinly. To make this a bit easier I use a mandolin. You need to be very careful you don’t slice your fingers. If you haven’t got one of these and can’t slice manually very thinly you can boil the potatoes for a little bit longer. They don’t need to be completely soft, they still need a bit of bite left to stop them going to mush in the frying pan. Keep testing till they reach the almost done stage.

You will a casserole dish to finish the omelette off in the oven. I am lucky enough to have a traditional Spanish Terracotta dish but any any wide flat dish will do. If its a bit smaller your omelette might take a bit longer to cook as it will be thicker and vice versa for a shallower dish.

If having a tapas party this dish can be made well in advance and kept in the fridge till you are ready to serve. On a picnic it can be cut into smaller pieces and wrapped in cling film.

Spanish Bento

I often take a quarter of a large Spanish Omelette into work as part of a Spanish inspired Bento. I had this one accompanied with stuffed red peppers, toasted seeds, salsa and olives. For some other lunch ideas check out by Bento Box page.


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