One of the advantages of living in Germany is that there is a wider variety of flours available in a regular supermarket. Spelt or Dinkel flour is much lower in gluten than conventional flour and has a lower Glycemic index meaning it releases in carbohydrate slower making it a more friendlier bread for diabetics.

This multi seed spelt loaf is a healthy and tasty bread. I have added some seeds to increase the crunch and taste factor. Linseeds and Chia seeds have been included in the dough and a salad sprinkle mix of pumpkin, pine nuts and sunflower seeds have been sprinkled on the top. To get them to stick I have used a cornflour and water mix added 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time. This has the advantage of giving the bread a lovely shiny finish as well as helping the seeds to stick. On my first attempt at making this loaf I added the seeds before cooking. The long cooking time meant they were over done. Adding them half way through cooking solves this problem.

Due to the low gluten content in the flour you need to cook the loaf in a tin. I am lucky enough to have an oven that has a “interval steam” setting which I used for cooking this. If you haven’t got that option you can put some water in the bottom of a baking tray to make some steam. Make sure your oven is clean before cooking this way. You can of course you a conventional fan setting the bread won’t have quite such a good texture.


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