These Pineapple and Coconut cakes are deliciously moist and have a tasty meringue icing/frosting sprinkled with toasted coconut. The cake is an adaptation of my carrot cake recipe replacing the carrots with pineapple and using white rather than brown sugar. I only had tinned pineapple but I’m sure they would taste even better with fresh. You could use this mixture to make either mini sponge cakes or cup cakes or even two larger sponge cakes that could be sandwiched together. Cup cakes and min sponges take about 20 minutes to cook. For a sandwich cake you would need to cook them for a little bit longer.

The meringue icing was inspired by this year’s Great British Bake Off. In one of the technical challenges they had to make Mary Berry’s Coffee and Walnut  Cake. Coffee and Walnut isn’t one of my favourites but I loved the look of the icing. A big thank you to Mary for inspiring this combination. Next time I will use a bigger bowl as I got in a bit of a mess. It also is a great way to use up left over egg whites. If you are only making cup cakes rather than mini sponges you would only need to use half of the icing mix.

If you have some left over icing you can use it to make Eton Mess. Simply put the icing on some greaseproof paper and place in a cool oven for 20 minutes at 130 degrees Centigrade. After this time break it up into smaller pieces and leave it to dry out in the oven. The dried out meringue can be served with cream and strawberries and raspberries.

Jamie gave these pineapple and coconut cakes a 4 out of 5. He never gives a 5, so that’s a good endorsement.



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