This is a low GI Carrot Cake doesn’t contain any refined sugar it is adapted from my full sugar version cake. It was made for my Aunty Teresa who has type 2 diabetes. Like most diabetics I know she still has a sweet tooth and she is fed up of eating apple cakes as these normally are the ones with the lowest amount of sugar in them. Those of us who have tried it  thought if you didn’t know you wouldn’t suspect it didn’t have real sugar in it. If you were to have a slice of it after my normal cake version you would be able to tell the difference. It was invented on a family trip to my Mum and Dad’s in London.

For those of you that don’t know the GI index stands for Glycemic Index. It looks at how fast each food releases the sugar that is contained in it. It can help people trying to lose weight to switch to lower GI foods as you get less of the sugar rush and the boom and bust energy cycles from higher GI foods.

In this recipe I have replace the white flour with spelt flour and used artificial sugar instead of the usual high sugar version. The have tried it with two different artificial sweeteners, xylitol and sucolin in both cases I was happy with the results. I included an apple with the carrots which I liked so much I have now added this to my normal cake version. For the icing/frosting it combines cream cheese with cinnamon and Agave syrup.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Glycemic Index this website has some interesting information. More info on GI Index


I’ve tried a number of recipes with artificial sugar and this is the best one so far. Hope you like it too.


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