As you might have noticed I like Mexican food. One of the reasons for this is having a load of tortilla chips with some great Mexican Dips. Everyone’s favourite is the Sweetcorn and cheese dip. Next up would be easy guacamole, then of course salsa and if you are feeling really indulgent Spicy Cheese Sauce. The easiest dip is simply sour cream, which is great if you make your chilli too hot.

You can add as much tabasco or pepper sauce as you would like and throw in some jalapenos if you like them.

It used to be that you’d struggle to find a ripe avocado, at the moment the supermarkets are selling eat me ones which are already ripe and they make great guacamole. If it isn’t quite ripe you can put in a paper bag with a banana which gives off a chemical which ripens all fruits. Leave it for a day and check again. Give it a go it only takes 5 minutes. Avocados are a super food they are high in monounsaturated fat which helps reduce cholesterol, high fibre, low sugar and packed with vitamin and minerals. They are high calorie but are supposed to help you stay fuller for longer. Obviously if you have them with loads of tortilla chips they aren’t as healthy.

If you are going to try any of these Mexican dips give the Sweetcorn and Cheese one a try. You don’t need to make them all.

I will post by beef Nachos and Barbeque Chicken Nachos toppings soon.

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