These biscuits have been created with Aunty Teresa in mind. She has a very sweet tooth and has unfortunately now got type 2 diabetes. She lives in Austria and one of the special treats she buys in the UK is some diabetic shortbread from Boots. I have tried it and I thought I could do better. Like most people we crave the things we know we aren’t supposed to have. This is a healthier version of a traditional shortbread, but obviously not as healthy as an apple!

This biscuit is a Low GI Hazelnut Shortbread. The Glycemic Index measures how fast your body absorbs sugar. Foods that are high sugar but absorbed more slowly have a lower GI index. Compared to a traditional shortbread recipe it uses spelt flour which has a lower GI index and the same calories as wheat flour. Spelt flour is also easier to digest, though it still contains gluten, it has more protein than traditional wheat flour and is also high in fibre and B vitamins. I have also replaced regular white sugar with an artificial sweetener. The one I have used today is sucolin which creates good results, not as good as sugar, but still pretty good. Semolina adds some crunch. To add some additional flavour I have used some hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are high in calories but have great health benefits. Hazelnuts are high in monounsaturates which helps to lower “unhealthy” LDL cholesterol in the blood and high in vitamins E and B vitamin biotin that helps support healthy skin. If you can’t eat hazelnuts you could replace it with additional flour instead.

As it is the height of strawberry season at the moment we had them with some whipped cream and some strawberries, yummy. The biscuits are also great on their own. They will keep for several days in a sealed container if you aren’t too greedy!

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