This tasty Chocolate and Pear Cake was inspired by a picture in my friend Agnes’ French Cookery magazine. I have made the cake Gluten free by making a cake dough from ground almonds and cornflour. I made this cake for Easter so to make extra special I have added some white chocolate and dark chocolate chips.

You will need 3 pears the same size that will fit in a standard size loaf tin, with some space to spare. I used small William pears but conference pears would also work well.You need to use unripe hard pears, ripe ones will go to mushy.  The pears are cooked in a sugar syrup. Peel the pears leaving the stalks in place. Flatten the bottom of the pears so that they are able to stand up on their own. Place the pears in a sauce pan and cover with water. Measure the amount of water that is needed to completely cover the pears, add 40 g of white sugar for each 250ml of water you had to use, I needed 1.25 litres of water therefore 200g of sugar. Bring the mixture to a gently simmer and cook for 20 to 25 minutes until they gone a little bit soft, don’t let them go too soft as they are going to be cooked further.

The cake tastes really good. I was a bit impatient and turned it out of the tin before it was fully cold and one end split. Be patient and it should be fine or it you want warm cake just go for it. Hope you like it too.



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