This is one of the foods I miss the most from my teenage years the Spicy Bean Burger from Wimpy. A number of my school friends were vegetarian and Wimpy was our fast food of choice due to the wonder that was a spicy bean burger. Wimpy was the UK version of McDonalds, but not as successful, there are still a few of the stores left but not anywhere near where I visit.

I have been trying to find on the web whether anyone has managed to crack the recipe for the original version. They haven’t. This recipe isn’t the original either. But it comes very close I hope you enjoy it too. On the Wimpy website it says that the Burger is a combination of cannellini and red kidney beans with a mixture of vegetables and spices. As I love sweet potato I have used some of that and a German tin of Soup beans which comes with carrots, beans and leaks which all sound good. Hope you like this attempt. If you have some suggestions for improvements let me know.

This burger is a great choice for a vegetarian at a BBQ. I like it so much as a meat eater I would still choose it. It is great with melted cheese on top and some lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion and salsa or ketchup. Yummy!

As I had a large tin of beans I managed to make 14 burgers. They keep extremely well in the freezer. Just wrap them in greaseproof paper and seal in a freezer bag. Leave to defrost before cooking.

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