pffeffernuessePfeffernuesse, or pepper nut in English , is a traditional German or Dutch Christmas treat. It is now one my new favourites combining white pepper, cinnamon, cardamon and clove spicing,  creating a yummy treat. You can make them as hot as you like, for my version I used about 1/4 teaspoon of the pepper. The pepper adds a little heat and the other spices deliver a Christmas flavour.  For some extra Christmas cheer I made my Pfeffernuesse into Christmas trees and coated them with two different glazes. A dark chocolate glaze with chopped pistachios and a simple sugar and orange glaze with slivered almonds. Let me know if you have some good different variations. The Christmas trees were stuck around my gingerbread house,  not all of the trees lasted that long.

To apply the glaze brush it on with a pastry brush and sprinkle on a few nuts, leave the first side to dry before flipping them over and repeating with the other side.





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