This a simple recipe for Light Blueberry Tartlets. If you are really watching your calories you could use light puff pastry, but the taste is much better from the full fat version. For the filling it uses low fat curd cheese and artificial sweetener to make this a low GI / sugar dessert.

I like puff pastry very much, because one can cook ad hoc either sweet or salty dishes, e.g. apple or spinach strudel, sweet or salty tartlets for a party. Always have a roll of puff pastry in your fridge!

As an alternative to Blueberries you can use apricot or strawberry jam with bits of fruits.

Baking Beash gives a big thank you to Silver screen for posting this recipe. It is definitely a lot lower sugar and fat recipe than the ones I normally use and it looks great. I will be baking it soon. If you want to make 12 mini tartlets you can use same technique as in my leek and cheese tartlets for the pastry. You can sprinkle the pastry with cinnamon if you like. Check them after 20 minutes, they might be ready after this time if making smaller tartlets.

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