This banana bread recipe is the best way I know to use up old bananas. It is inspired by our favourite Starbucks cake. When I get a banana that is too ripe to eat  I put in the freezer. When you have three can can make this delicious cake, just leave them to defrost over night. Don’t what ever you do try it with yellow bananas the flavour definitely gets better with age. Picture 2 in the gallery shows an overripe banana that hasn’t been frozen with two frozen ones, they go black in the freezer but are perfectly fine to use.  You can use this mixture to make one large loaf mini loaves or cupcakes.  I prefer to make mini loaves you get a nice crispy outside to the cake and a moist and tasty inside. The benefit of making a smaller cakes is that is only takes 20 minutes to cook. The cakes will keep for several days in an airtight tin, but they hardly ever last that long. Hope you like it.

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